Ballroom and kitchen

The ballroom and kitchen

The ballroom has room for 60-80 people

We have a video box, TV, dvd player and Wifi connection.

The hall is open all year round

Preparations 25 €
(eg organization of facilities, decoration)

Smaller occasions less than 3h
(meetings etc.)


Bigger events
(weddings, birthday/graduation partys etc.)


Kitchen Rental 80 €

White beautiful cloths for tables 8 € / pcs

Final cleaning by the house 150€


For celebrations, if the entire area is reserved:


We charge 25% of the total amount for the entire reservation.
Prepayment fee must be paid:

between 1.5.-31.8 / 1 month before the event

between 1.9.-30.4 / latest 1 week before the event.

If canceled, the pre-booking fee will not be refunded.

The service provider is entitled to price changes.